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Corporate Conference Entertainment

Corporate Conference Entertainment

How to Keep Your Conference Delegates Happy and Sharing on Social Media Whilst Saving on Venue Décor and Promotion in One!

It may be a daunting task to organize conference entertainment for large groups. You probably will need to work around hectic schedules, tired attendees, overseas guests expecting to be wooed and the attendee’s partners who are ready for some action as well. Hiring a corporate event boat for a section or the whole duration of the event will keep each group happy. You can choose a hop on- hop off style, where the boat is anchored at a wharf near the conference venue, specify set times for a boat to cruise Sydney Harbour or schedule in both.

Use a Moored Vessel as an Adjunct Event Space

A docked vessel can serve as a multi-functional event space. Both delegates and speakers at a conference can use the space to network, use a green room and conduct meetings or workshops. The fresh air and water views are invigorating even if you don’t go on a cruise. Spa treatments, intimate meeting spaces, Wi-Fi and digital presentation areas are all possible on many modern corporate event boats. As a networking venue, being accessible via a dock can serve to create flexibility for people to come and go as they please.

Save on Styling Costs and Use a Ready Styled Boat

Tall ships, super yachts, finished wooden classic yachts, catamarans and glass boats are popular for this purpose as they are uniquely styled. A big investment has already been made to ensure both interior and exterior of a charter boat will look great. Think of all the dollars you will save on fit out and styling of a blank venue space!

Advertise Effectively in a Highly Sought After Location with Custom Flags

Adding some custom made flags which fly as you cruise will ensure your brand is promoted in a highly sought after space- Sydney Harbour-the main view for thousands of people.

Create a Dynamic After Party Venue That Guests Will Want to Share On Social Media

When the after party is hosted at the conference venue, watch out for toes edging towards the door. No matter how hard you try, it still feels like work! If you want your event to leave a positive lasting impression, hosting a networking event on a cruising boat will tick all boxes. We have found that the attendance increases for networking events on a boat compared to a land venue. A charter boat sets attendees in a relaxed mood and everyone is feeling well cared for and they will mingle easily. They will go home boasting that they went cruising on Sydney Harbour and will share photos more readily on social media as the background is always stunning- especially at sunset.

'My visit to Sydney was made very special by our hosts who took us to see Sydney Harbour on a private boat. Being away from the bustling city and sharing some local food and wine was precious time to get to know one another. The deal was signed!'
- Andrew Wang, Beijing. 

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