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EOFY Staff Party Ideas

EOFY Staff Party Ideas

Find some EOFY party ideas to celebrate all the good work your team has done this year

Has your company had a successful year?
Do you have top achievers to congratulate?
Does your team love being treated?
Are you looking for gift vouchers ideas for rewards?
Could your team benefit with some motivation in the cooler season?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions we have some inspiring, regenerating ideas that we think you and your team will love. The end of the financial year is a busy time of year with deadlines and pressures but it is also a perfect time of year to reflect and inspire your team. By taking time to reward your staff for a great job done, setting goals for the new financial year you are on your way to a fabulous year ahead. Team training, team building, staff award ceremonies and networking events can be really beneficial for staff moral and this will save dollars in the long run by reducing staff turnover and creating a dynamic buoyant workplace.

Watch out for the signs of work slump
At this time of year the long working days and dedicated hard work can show in team tiredness. Pressures of seeing the final year annual reports looking good can further add pressure. Signs to look out for are people taking early marks, more sick days, nit picking, unnecessary gossip and simply generally less smiling! Be quick to nip this in the bud and get the team regenerated. For a quick zing we recommend taking your team out for the day on either a relaxing day harbour cruise or a teambuilding activity to do something different and to get to appreciate each other better.

Tune your best assets
You probably know that most businesses spend the most of their expense budget on human resources. Just like a car, your staff too will need a regular tune up to keep systems running smoothly. Why is it then that people balk at spending on team training and bonding and don’t think twice about getting an office refurbishment or car service? Those people who will take time out to reward and plan do well.

Don’t let an unspent budget get swept away
‘We found staff reward days is the best way to keep team energy and enthusiasm high throughout the year. If our department does not spend our budget allocation for the current financial year, it is cut for the next year. We pay for charter dates in advance and then juggle the dates later. Booking days in early gives our team something to look forward to so schedules team charters have become a yearly EOFY spend now.’
Margo-O’Keefe, Education Manager


Ideas for staff that need pampering and rewarding

Boat charter on a luxury super yacht
Your staff can be a VIP for a day and enjoy the finer things of life as you cruise Sydney Harbour with multi-million dollar views, VIP service, gourmet catering on state of the art boats that will get everyone ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’. This corporate escape ticks all the boxes for pampering and you the organiser will be smothered in thankyous!  Contact us and we can show you some all inclusive food and beverage packages on one of our super yachts.

Award ceremonies
To make your award ceremony special, a boat is a really good place to host the event. Being on a boat together will make the event memorable and get out of the norm without having to leave Sydney CBD. We have over 130 boats to choose from so please call us you call us and we can suggest some vessels to best accommodate your team.  We can also create some fun boat gift vouchers if you wish.


Teambuilding activities to get the best of both relaxation and group energy

Laser clay shooting
Your boat will be rigged up to accommodate a shooting range where you aim for floating clay ducks on the water. This sounds easy but it is not so simple and it will bring out the competitive streak in even the most mild-mannered person.

Casino tables 
Create your own private mini casino on board a boat of your choice. You won't be playing for real money so everyone can have fun.

Sailing regattas
A sailing regatta can be held on just two sailing boats or more according to the group size. A typical event will include some basic sail training, a race and finish with team prizes and some partying to celebrate anchored at a beautiful beach.

Teambuilding is easy on a boat
Often people just love the team bonding exercise of simply being on a boat together! With over 85 boats to choose from, it’s easy to choose a boat to suit both your group and your budget. So get set for the end of financial year celebrations and call us for free event planning.

Speedboat Transfer

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