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80' Luxury Motor Yacht Boxing Day Charter

A grand choice for corporate charters, meetings or presentation. Both interior and exterior spaces are well presented with plenty of natural light and easy flow. The large deck area can be used for meetings, team events or simply relaxing while admiring sensational Sydney Harbour views.

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Boxing Day

From $1500 Per Hour

50 Max Passengers

50 Cocktail Style

50 Casual Buffet

10 Table Dining

This boat does allow
'Bring Your Own Food and Beverages'



Total cost =    Vessel Hire  
  Food   +  Beverages  
+   Staff Fees 
  Wharf Fees  

Vessel Hire Prices

Boxing Day
$1500 per hour
Minimum 4 hour charter $6000
Includes a public holiday surcharge

BYO Charters - $20 per person
$300 for up to 20 guests for a 4 hour charter
$600 for 20 - 47 guests
BYO Surcharge/Corkage
Delivering drinks to the boat before charter and loading them on
Full use of the galley 
Full use of all equipment in the galley such as serving platters and utensils
Glassware, plates, and cutlery
Staff to prepare food
Cooking BBQ if required 
Staff to serve food
Clearing up during charter 
Rubbish removal after charter
Please Note – BYO Ice
Includes a public holiday surcharge

Fee to pick up left over beverage $250

A 20% surcharge will apply to all food and beverage packages

  Food & Beverage

  John Oxley Grazing Tables Menus 

John Oxley Grazing Tables Menus
Suitable for 20 - 50 guests

Ploughman’s Graze
$35 per person

A variety of Cheeses, typically a soft white, blue and a cheddar or other hard cheese, a selection of cold meats, olives, fresh tomato, basil & burrata salad, figs with candied walnuts and goats cheese, dips and crackers and fresh artisan bread with olive oil and balsamic.
Note: This is designed for guests to graze on throughout the charter, and can be ordered on its own as a light meal or in conjunction with our BBQ menu

Seafood Graze
$85 per person

Includes a selection of fresh locally sourced cold seafood such as Prawns, Balmain bugs, King Crab, Sydney Rock Oysters, whole smoked salmon, calamari, lobster rolls, 2 salads, fresh bread and a cheese platter.
Note: This is designed for guests as a full meal for either lunch or dinner

Substantial Graze
$55 per person

Including a variety of Cheeses, you will find a few more on this table, a soft white, blue, cheddar, truffle cheddar with honey comb & stringy halloumi are some of my faves. A selection of cold meats such as prosciutto, bresaola, salami, pastrami and leg ham tend to feature, olives, meatballs in a rich tomato and eggplant sauce with crusty sourdough bread to dip in the sauce, homemade baguette rolls with either roast beef with horseradish mayo, or a pork and apple sauce with fennel, a tomato basil and burrata salad and figs with candied walnuts and goats cheese

Note: This is designed as a full meal for either lunch or dinner.

Brunch Graze
$30 per person

Suitable for 20 - 50 guests
Set up on the aft deck of the John Oxley, the Brunch Graze has something to impress all of your guests. With a selection of continental style offerings such as muesli, fresh seasonal fruit and yogurt, along with a hearty cooked breakfast prepared on board and some delicious sweets to finish (or start... we don't judge)

  John Oxley BBQ Menus 

John Oxley BBQ Menus
Serves 10 - 50 guests

Sausage Sizzle
$10 per person

Includes sausages, onions, fresh white bread, Tomato & BBQ sauce and mustard

DIY Burger Menu
$22 per person

Includes, burger buns, meat patties, sliced tomato, lettuce, cheese, pineapple rings, mayo, tomato & BBQ sauce and fries, all laid out in a buffet so you can make it the way you like it.

Basic BBQ Menu
$30 per person

Includes scotch fillet steak, sausages, marinated chicken thighs, 2 mixed salads and fresh bread

Premium BBQ Menu
$40 per person

Includes your choice of scotch fillet or eye fillet steak, premium sausages, marinated chicken breasts, four salads including 4 beautiful homemade salads including our famous Caesar, Waldorf, Tomato Basil and Burrata & Truffle Potato Salad, and a loaf of crusty sourdough bread

Surf and Turf Menu
$85 per person

Includes your choice of scotch fillet or eye fillet steak, premium sausages, marinated chicken breasts, four salads including 4 beautiful homemade salads including our famous Caesar, Waldorf, Tomato Basil and Burrata & Truffle Potato Salad, and a loaf of crusty sourdough bread

  John Oxley Platter Menus 

John Oxley Platter Menus
Available for 10 - 50 guests

Antipasto Platter
$15 per person

A selection of cheese, cold meats, fresh and pickled vegetables, seasonal fruit, dips, olive oil and balsamic vinegar served with crackers and fresh artisan bread

Vegan Antipasto Platter
$20 per person

Includes a selection of delicious vegan cheeses, fresh and pickled vegetables, seasonal fruit, crackers, fresh artisan breads, beautiful olive oil with dukka and balsamic vinegar

Fruit Platter
$10 per person

Includes a selection of fresh seasonal fruit and sweets beautifully presented on a large platter

Petit Four Platter
$15 per person

Includes a variety of cakes, slices and tarts

Vegan Dessert Platter
$20 per person

Includes a selection of vegan, gluten free treats such as slices, cakes and doughnuts and fresh seasonal fruit

Cheese Platter
$15 per person

Includes a selection of fresh seasonal fruit and sweets beautifully presented on a large platter

Morning Tea Platter
$15 per person

Available for 10 - 50 guests
Includes a selection of morning tea delights, such as a variety of sweet and savory croissants, pikelets with jam, muffins & seasonal fruit

  John Oxley Seafood Platter Menu 

John Oxley Seafood Platter Menu

Selection of Freshly Cooked Prawns, Sydney Rock Oysters and Balmain bugs
Served with cocktail sauce lemons

Seafood Platter for 2 | $250
Seafood Platter for 4 | $450
Seafood Platter for 6 | $650
Seafood Platter for 10 | $850
Seafood Platter for 20 | $1050
Seafood Platter for 30 | $1250
Seafood Platter for 40 | $1500

Grazing Tables
$500 to $2500

Available for 10 - 47 guests
A wide selection of warm substantial foods, cold meats, and cheeses, fresh artisan breads, fruit and other seasonal produce.
Can also be tailored to suit dietary requirements on request.

Staff Fees

$300 per wait staff for a 4 hour charter
1 – 20 pax – 1 x wait staff
21 – 45 pax – 2 x wait staff
Includes a public holiday surcharge

Additional Hours
Wait staff $100 per hour

Wharf Fees

Pick up and drop off wharf fees apply (Usually $100 total). Check your quote and contract for more info.

All prices in $AUS. and include GST
Prices are subject to change without notice
50% deposit required to confirm booking
No stiletto heels to be worn on board



Catering Available     

BBQ Available     

Bring your own drinks available     

Bring your own food available     

You can bring your own music     

Boat has Presentation facilities     


Norman Wright


• Length: 80 foot.
• Full wrap around deck 
• Large bow with day bed 
• Fly bridge with day bed and lounges
• Open plan saloon leading out to huge deck with formal seating for 10 
• Bose lifestyle sound system throughout vessel 
• Full commercial galley 
• Catering available with on board chef
• Master cabin with ensuite and lounge

Boat Suitability:

Corporate and social charters, business meetings, and seminars.

More Info

 Frequently Asked Questions

Safety and Equipment
Is the boat safe and in good condition?
Yes, the vessel is currently in survey with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which requires comprehensive safety equipment standards and regular safety checks. A safety briefing is given to the charter passengers before embarkation and safety gear will be provided if required. All vessels in our fleet are selected for safety, comfort, quality and cleanliness. We are proud to keep them this way.

What is the maximum capacity of the boat?
50 passengers is the maximum surveyed number allowed on this vessel.
Please note - an infant, regardless of age is considered a passenger.

Is the boat suitable for children?
Yes, the vessel has safety rails all the way around the boat and children's lifejackets are available on request. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.

Is there sun and wind protection on the boat?
John Oxley’s spacious indoor areas provide ample shade from the sun and wind.

What toilet facilities are on board?
John Oxley is equipped with 2 modern, spacious marine toilets with easy access for charter.

Catered Food and Beverage Options
Can we organize a meal on board?
Yes, we can recommend some excellent local caterers for you to design and deliver the perfect menu to suit your budget and taste.

BYO Catering
Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks?
Yes, we suggest that you bring boat friendly food that requires minimum preparation i.e. platter-style cold foods.

Is there a BBQ on board?
The vessel is equipped with an outdoor gas BBQ including cooking utensils. Please note that adverse weather conditions may make barbecuing difficult.

On Tour
Can we have music on board?
Yes, the vessel is equipped with a BOSE sound system which is iPod and mp3 compatible. Please ensure your mp3 player is fully charged. John Oxley is equipped with both indoor and outdoor speakers.

Where can we go during our charter?
Your skipper can take you most places within Sydney Harbour, providing it is within the surveyed boundaries. Should your guests wish to go to a specific location within Sydney Harbour please let us know at time of briefing.

Can we extend our charter time during the charter?
Yes, although this is subject to availability and up to the skippers discretion.
Please note - payment will charged to the authorised bond post charter.

Booking and Payment
How do I secure my booking?
A minimum 50% deposit is required to confirm booking, with the balance payable 14 days prior to commencement of the charter. Upon payment of your deposit, a Skippered Charter Contract will be faxed or emailed to you, confirming details relevant to your charter, which must be signed and returned. Payment can be made by MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS, Electronic Funds Transfer or Cash. Diners Card, Bankcard and Cheques are not accepted.

Is there any paperwork to complete before we go on our Charter?                  
Yes, we require your signed contract and authorised bond form prior to your charter.

If I cancel the charter, can I get a refund?
See General Booking Information button below for details.

Wet Weather
What happens in the event of rain?
John Oxley provides excellent protection from the elements.
We cannot offer a 'Blue Sky Guarantee'. If boating conditions are unsafe, as determined by the management of Sydney Harbour Escapes, we will offer a six month voucher where you can reschedule your charter based on availability.

Preparations and Arrival
What do you advise we bring along for our charter?
As conditions can vary on the water, it is suggested that you bring along a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimmers, and seasonal jumper or jacket. Please wear white-soled shoes or non-marking boating shoes. Strictly no black soled shoes or stiletto-heeled shoes, as this will damage the decking.

Does our party need to get there before the set time of the charter?
All your party should be at the designated pick up point at least 15 minutes prior to your charter time to allow loading of passengers and gear and to enable enough time for the skipper's safety briefing.
Please note - your charter will start and finish at the times on your contract.

Can one of our guests be picked up late and dropped off early from another wharf?
Multiple pick up and drop off points are not recommended as this will shorten your charter time significantly. We suggest that guests wishing to join the charter late or leave early should arrange alternative transportation via water taxi at their own cost. Please ask one of the Sydney Harbour Escapes team members for a Water Taxi contact.

Please call the friendly Sydney Harbour Escapes team with your enquiries
Open 7 days 02 9328 4748

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