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New Year's Eve - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a NYE charter?

New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour is the most spectacular public event in Sydney. Whether you are a local Sydneysider or a tourist visiting Sydney, it is an event not to be missed. People flock in the tens of thousands to get the best vantage point to see the fireworks and the fantastic array of additional spectacles such as aeronautical displays and the parades of decorated NYE boats. There are two firework displays. The first one is at 9pm and the second and most spectacular is at midnight to celebrate bringing in the New Year. If you are on a boat cruise, everyone on the sidelines will be looking at you having fun!

Why hire a boat on NYE?

Arguably top 10 on the Sydney bucket list is hiring a boat to feel right in the action for NYE. You cannot beat a harbour cruise for the best waterfront views for Sydney NYE, avoiding the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. Many of the best vantage points do not allow alcohol so if you would like to celebrate with a drink and enjoy the harbour events, go on a boat. Most of our charter packages include dinner and beverages so you can enjoy your drinks and be waited on while watching the best event of Sydney Harbour. Typically, boats will board passengers around 6:30pm – 7:00pm so that you can enjoy some music and other harbour events like Harbour Light Parade boats before the fireworks start. Many waterfront restaurants have two seating times so your party is broken up and rushed. On a boat charter you can relax for the evening and not feel pushed out. We know people have had a fantastic time on their charter when they call us the next day and rebook the boat for next year!

Choose NYE ticket or private boat?

Sydney Harbour Escapes has a great selection of party boats and luxury yachts for you to welcome in the New Year.

Option 1: Exclusive Private NYE Charter Cruise
Most boats can be booked for private charter on New Years Eve. There are a large range of choices of boat styles (power and sailing catamarans, power cruisers, monohull yachts, ferries, luxury super yachts, pontoon boats, glass boats, multi level cruisers, speedboats and open boats) and catering options (private chef, custom menu, set menu, BYO). Our advice is to call us and we can suggest options that will suit your event style and budget. Call 02 93284748

Option 2: Ticketed Cruises
If you don’t have a group of friends to share a private boat, you can buy individual tickets on a new year eve party cruise. This is also a great way to meet new friends. Just being on a boat together sharing such an incredible event together will make it really easy to connect with the other people on board. There are boats that have fantastic DJs and dancing and there that are typically quieter and more relaxed. Our job is to help you find the boat that you will enjoy the best so please call us.

Can I hear NYE fireworks music?

The fireworks displays are syncopated to a music track. To fully appreciate the artistry of the fireworks, you can turn on the radio or download an app. We will post tuning info closer to the date.

What is the NYE Schedule?

The New Years Eve Sydney schedule has not been finalised yet but it will be similar to last year. Following is the general schedule that has won our hearts for many years for New Years Eve in Sydney. 

Sydney New Years Eve Celebration Harbour Schedule 

6:00pm – Air displays above Sydney Harbour

7:00pm – Fire tug water display Sydney Harbour

8:00pm – Air displays above Sydney Harbour

8:30pm – Pylon projections Sydney Harbour bridge

8:40pm – Acknowledge of Country Sydney Harbour

8:45pm – Sydney Harbour Bridge effect Sydney Harbour bridge

9:00pm – Family fireworks display Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour

9:15pm – Harbour of Light Parade Sydney Harbour

10:40pm - The Inspire Moment Sydney Harbour

12:00pm -  Midnight fireworks display Sydney Harbour bridge and Sydney Harbour.

What are good vantage points?

Your skipper will have to follow NSW Maritime Safety Authority guidelines of places available to anchor on New Years Eve. There will be multiple barges lighting fireworks simultaneously so the best spots are where you can see a way down the harbour. Our favourite places are Farm Cove, near the Botanical Gardens, and Shark Island near Rose Bay where you can see all the way down the harbour.

Pick up and drop off NYE options?

There are many wharves in Sydney that charter boat can pick up from. New Years Eve is a highly scheduled night for skippers. All wharves need to be pre booked so that people can embark and disembark with minimal wait times. You will be allocated a set time slot for your group to board your charter on New Years Eve. If you book your charter early, you will have much wider choices for pick up wharf options on Sydney Harbour.

Can I stay overnight on the boat?

There are some boats that do allow you to stay overnight on request. Charter boats have restrictions to the amount of people who can stay overnight. If a boat can hold 20 persons, it may only allow 4 people to stay overnight for example. Please ask us if you would like a quote for this option.

Any ideas for NYE party planning?

1.    Don’t delay, book as soon as possible. Boats start booking from the day after New Years Eve and prices can change. Book early to save both disappointment and dollars. 
2.     Book extra time on board if possible so that you can start early and get the best vantage spot and find it easier to find parking near the pick up wharf. 
3.    Bring along your own selection of party music if you are on a private charter to ensure that your group can groove to the best music. Consider hiring a DJ or live entertainment if the boat allows it, it can make for a great party. 
4.    Don’t niggle on price. If you have lots of people to share the cost, a more expensive boat will be not be much more per head and be more comfortable and will be talked about for years to come.
5.    If you are on a BYO boat, finger food or a cold buffet is perfect for a bustling New Years Eve Party. You may have to park a way away from your pick up point so keep it simple. 
6.     Some of the catamarans like Dreamtime Girl or the Seawind 1000 have skippers that will cook a BBQ for you. 
7.    Leave plenty of time to get to your wharf. Sydney public transport is a good option to take to avoid the busy traffic and road closures. 
8. Bring a good camera. The fireworks are absolutely beautiful from up close and the awe, the colours on peoples faces makes for some great photography. Taking photos from your phone wont be the same as with a camera that can do speed shots to catch the firework display. 

Can I join Harbour of Light Parade?

Yes! Get in quick to secure your place, as theses boats get booked out quick. The Harbour of Light Parade is an annual event where the vessels decorated with lights parade in a large circle near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. These vessels line up on the western side of the harbour before they start their journey. Many of our past clients have said that this was the highlight of their NYE boat charter. Please ask us if you wish to join the Harbour of Light Parade as we can book you on a ticketed cruise or a private boat hire charter cruise. Boats have to apply to join the parade and the announcement is made in October each year.

How do I entertain my VIP guests?

I would recommend to book a luxury charter super yacht for NYE. This is a complete five star NYE experience for your guests. These mega yachts have luxury finishes, large interior and exterior spaces, dedicated staff to serve you and often your own private chef to serve exquisite food to your liking. Your guests will delight in enjoying the best that Sydney has to offer.

Can we have a swim off the boats?

Due to the nature of New Year's Eve and as there's a lot of vessels on the Harbour, swimming it not permitted for this occasion.

What is the exclusion zone?

In the interest of public safety, an Exclusion Zone – marked by lit yellow buoys – will extend from Cockatoo Island in the west to Clarke Island in the east. The Exclusion Zone will be activated from 8pm on Sydney New Year’s Eve until approximately 12.45am on New Year’s Day. No unauthorised traffic will be allowed inside the Exclusion Zone. The Exclusion Zone will remain active for about 45 minutes after the end of the Midnight Fireworks to ensure the safety clearance of the fireworks barges. When the exclusion zone is lifted it will be announced on VHF17 and on the projections on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylons.

What is Harbour of Lights Parade?

Following the 9PM Family Fireworks, the Harbour of Light Parade® commences. Each craft in this illuminated flotilla of over 40 boats has submitted a design bid for inclusion.

Will we get close to the fireworks?

Your skipper will aim to get a good vantage point for the fireworks, however a perfect view cannot be guaranteed. Generally you are looking up into the sky so if there is a boats nearby, they are not a major distraction at the time of the fireworks.

There are multiple pontoons on the harbour so that as many people as possible get good views. Being on the harbour, you may be lucky to see two three or maybe even four barges if you are lucky.

Boats are directed to cruise and anchor in safe areas on the harbour by NSW Maritime so that they will not be in direct fire of the fireworks. Your skipper on the night will prioritize customer safety and will be watching the wind and other vessels so that your anchor is as safe and comfortable as possible. There is much competition for the usual best vantage spots and the actual position of the boat at the time of the fireworks cannot be guaranteed as boats are constantly juggling for positions and the wind can move the boats as well.

There are multiple pontoons on the harbour so that as many people as possible get good views. Being on the harbour, you may be lucky to see two three or maybe even four barges if you are lucky.

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