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Sydney Harbour Escapes endeavours to make our services accessible to all. Please enquire with us directly if the access information you are seeking is not available here.

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This site is designed to work on any size mobile, tablet, laptop or computer. You can view all the features by downloading the latest versions of your browser software. We recommend Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari for the best effect for clear fonts and graphics.

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Images have alternative text to assist those who are not accessing the visual display.


There is a code to detect your default language on the site and it should give you the option to translate the site if you would like. Please let us know if this does not do this as expected.

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Text size can be simply increased with a couple of clicks of your keyboard.

Windows or Linux PC: Hold down 'ctrl' key and press + (plus) key to increase text size or press – (minus) key to decrease text size. Hold down 'ctrl' key and press 0 (zero) to return to normal size.

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If you have suggestions how to make this site more accessible, we welcome your suggestions.

Custom Search
In the interests of making your browsing experience more streamlined and customised, we have created an advanced search page. If you find that you do not see results in the Search Boat Results  or the Boat Name Search Results pages, we recommend that you simplfy your search options to show more results and/ or check the spelling of the boat you have search for. Please remember that we are available to assist you during business hours so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are having any trouble finding boat charter options you are looking for. 


Charter Accessibility

Charter boats that are wheelchair accessible: Many of our charter boats can accommodate people with wheelchairs.  Please ask on booking for our suggestions for suitable vessels and pick up and drop off wharf locations. 

Child friendly charter boats: Children are welcome on the charter vessels and children's life jackets are available on request at the time of booking. Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult. All our vessels have gone through stringent requirements for safety and have been endorsed by Roads and Maritime Authority to meet charter boat survey standards. 

The Sydney Harbour Escapes Team.