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72' Luxury Sailing Corporate Charter

Sir Thomas Sopwith is your archetypal sailing yacht that takes you to another era and time where the sail conquered the globe. Her unmatched beauty on Sydney Harbour and first class appointments will delight your guests. This classic sailing yacht is all class in a world-class harbour, and the most stylish way to enjoy it!

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Corporate Charters

From $975 Per Hour

22 Max Passengers

22 Cocktail Style

22 Casual Buffet

12 Table Dining

12 Offshore Charter

This boat does allow
'Bring Your Own Food and Beverages'

Select Your Occasion

Corporate Charters (this page)




Total cost =    Vessel Hire  
  Food   +  Beverages  
+   Staff Fees 
  Wharf Fees  

Vessel Hire Prices

Includes Captain

November – March
$1050 per hour

4 hour charter $4200

6 hour charter $5400

8 hour charter $6800

April – October
$975 per hour

4 hour charter $3900

6 hour charter $4800

8 hour charter $5800

BYO Charters
No surcharge
Includes all crockery, cutlery, cups, utensils, serving equipment and ice

Public holiday surcharges apply 


  Food & Beverage

  Sir Thomas Sopwith Canape Platters 

Sir Thomas Sopwith Canape Platters

Mini Empanadas

Potato Curry empanada with potato, green beans, carrot and curry spice served with a beetroot onion and chilli chutney   

$64.00 (15 pieces)

Chicken Empanada with Moroccan spice, onion, carrot and green peas with a roasted tomato relish     

$80.00 (15 pieces)

Manchego sweet potato empanada with sweet potato, manchego cheese

fresh cut tabouli     

$80.00 (15 pieces)


Mini Arancini Balls

Pumpkin and Tasmanian Fetta Arancini coated in gluten free bread crumbs roasted beetroot and cashew puree     

$125.00 (20 pieces)

Mushroom Arancini with button mushrooms and grana panado served with garlic aioli      

$125.00 (20 pieces)

Saffron arancini ball with grana padano and mozzarella coated in egg and breadcrumbs     

$125.00 (20 pieces)


Mini Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

House made fresh Vietnamese Rice paper rolls with Vietnamese Nuoc Cham dipping sauce     

$57.00 (15 pieces)

BBQ Pork with oyster sauce, soy sauce, vermicelli, mint, cucumber, carrot and sweet chilli sauce     

$57.00 (15 pieces)

BBQ Duck with above ingredients     

$57.00 (15 pieces)

Vermicelli vegetarian with mushrooms, soy sauce, mint leaf, cucumber, carrot and lettuce (Gluten Free and Vegetarian)     

$57.00 (15 pieces)


Mini Cocktail Pies

Beef and Burgundy with a roasted tomato relish     

$57.00 (15 pieces)

Peppered steak with caramelised onion     

$57.00 (15 pieces)

Spinach and mushroom with a roasted tomato relish     

$57.00 (15 pieces)


Mini Cocktail Quiches

Classical Quiche Lorraine $57.00 (15 pieces)

Roasted Vegetable Quiche $57.00 (15 pieces)

Bacon and Egg Quiche $57.00 (15 pieces)


Mini Thai Beef Skewers

Thai beef skewers with tender slices of beef rolls with marinated Thai green curry paste, fresh coriander, and fish sauce with red chilli     

$65.00 (15 pieces)


Mini Pinwheels

Blue swimmer crabmeat pinwheels with rolled pancake, shredded surimi cream cheese and shallots     

$65.00 (15 pieces)

Roast duck and cream cheese pinwheel with hoisin sauce and garlic shallots     

$65.00 (15 pieces)



Tasmanian St Helens or South Australian Coffin Bay oysters     $24.00 for ½ dozen

Cooked Large Australian Green Tiger prawns     $30.00 for 10 pieces


All orders require a minimum spend of $350.00 plus $50.00 delivery

  Sir Thomas Sopwith Sandwich Platters 

Sir Thomas Sopwith Platters?



$12.50 per person per item

Chicken avocado on soy and linseed

Poached chicken, mixed lettuce avocado, sundried tomatoes and tasty cheese

Chicken avocado on wholemeal

Poached chicken, mixed lettuce, avocado, sundried tomatoes and tasty cheese

Grilled chicken on wholemeal

Grilled chicken, mixed lettuce and tomato

Grilled chicken on soy and linseed

Grilled chicken, mixed lettuce and tomato



$12.50 each per person

Chicken Avocado

Milk Poached Chicken breast, avocado, sundried tomatoes, tasty cheese, and mixed lettuce with aioli

Chicken Schnitzel

Tomato, mixed lettuce dressed with a mild chilli mayonnaise

Grilled Chicken

Tomato, mixed lettuce, cucumber with a mild chilli mayonnaise

Roast Veg

Sweet potato, roasted eggplant, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, capsicum, baby spinach, Tasmanian Fetta cheese and pesto



$14.50 each per person per item


Sundried tomatoes, Spanish onion, capers, tomato, leafy mixed greens with aioli

Hungarian Salami

Mixed lettuce, ricotta cheese and pesto

Roast Vegetables

Sweet potato, roasted eggplant, zucchini, sundried tomatoes, capsicum, baby spinach, Tasmanian Fetta cheese and pesto


Rocket lettuce, bocconcini and tomato

Grilled Chicken

Tomato, mixed lettuce and a mild chilli mayonnaise


Tomatoes, tasty cheese, mixed lettuce and a mild chilli mayonnaise

Chicken Schnitzel

Tomato, Spanish onion, mixed lettuce and a mild chilli mayonnaise

Chicken Avocado

Poached chicken, mixed lettuce avocado, sundried tomatoes and aioli



$14.50 each per person per item


Marinated beef, mixed lettuce, cucumber and Spanish onion

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon

Cream cheese, mixed lettuce, capers, avocado and Spanish onion

BLT Schnitzel

Chicken schnitzel, tomato, mixed lettuce, bacon, Spanish onion and aioli

Chicken Schnitzel

Tomato, Spanish onion, mixed lettuce and a mild chilli mayonnaise

  Sir Thomas Sopwith Share Platters 

Sir Thomas Sopwith Share Platters?

Vegetarian Antipasto Platter

$28.50 per person

Grilled seasonal vegetables, Stuffed mini peppers, sundried tomatoes, mini bocconcini, artichokes, kalamata olives, grilled button mushrooms, Dutch carrots, zucchini, gherkins, Greek dolmades, pesto dip, bruschetta served with a rocket, apple and shaved parmesan salad

Freshly made sourdough bread


Traditional Antipasto Platter

$32.00 per person

Grilled seasonal vegetables, Stuffed mini peppers, sundried tomatoes, mini bocconcini, artichokes, kalamata olives, grilled button mushrooms, Dutch carrots, zucchini, gherkins, Greek dolmades served with a rocket, apple, grilled capsicums shaved parmesan salad, Tasmanian fetta

Shaved leg ham, Italian prosciutto, mild salami and mortadella

Freshly made sourdough bread


Tasmanian and King Island Cheese Platter

$18.50 per person

A stroll through Tasmania’s cheese producers which can include cheeses from Bruny Island, Saltwater River Cheese Factory, Wicked Cheese, Ashgrove, Elgaar Farm and of course King Island Dairy. All platters are accompanied with crisp Rosemary Wheaton crackers, dried fruits, dates and South Cap Crusty Baguette House made Turkish delight


Fresh Cold Australian Seafood Platter

(All Fresh All Australian)

$85.00 per person

S.A coffin bay oysters served natural and with wakame and flying fish roe.  Tasmanian smoked salmon; teriyaki grilled Atlantic salmon, Tasmanian King scallops with Spanish onion, tomato and coriander salsa. Poached King prawns, spanner crabs, W.A Lobster. Served with cocktail sauce, tartare sauce and lemon


Surf & Turf

$100.00 per person

Coffin Bay Oysters, Crystal Bay Prawns, Tasmanian Honey & Soy Salmon

Grilled asparagus, baby potatoes, roasted mushroom and Dutch Carrots,

Char grilled Cape Grim Scotch, Sour dough bread and mustards


Nigiri, Maki and Sashimi Platter

$32.50 per person

Tasmanian Salmon, Prawn and Kingfish nigiri,

Spicy teriyaki beef maki roll, tuna and king fish sashimi, served with Wasabi peas, pickled ginger, Tasmanian Wasabi and soy sauce

  Sir Thomas Sopwith Salad Platters 

Salad Platters

$65.00 per platter (serves 5 people)


Tuscan Vegetarian Pasta

Cherry tomatoes, charred zucchini, sundried tomatoes, roasted capsicum, spinach, pesto and sweet Dijon vinaigrette mixed with pasta olives, oregano and Tasmanian fetta cheese

Marinated Beef

Marinated Beef, cucumber and tomato, garnished with Spanish onion and mixed lettuce

Grilled Chicken and Steamed Vegetables

Grilled marinated chicken, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with capsicum

Roast Vegetarian

Combination of roast potato’s, carrot, sweet potato, chargrilled eggplant, charred mushrooms, roast onions, capsicum and crumbled fetta

Tuna Avocado

Cooked Yellow fin tuna, avocado, tomato, cucumber, olives, sundried tomatoes, Spanish onions, capsicum and mixed lettuce

Purple Cabbage

Thinly sliced cabbage, roasted eggplant, black currents, black rice, walnuts, pomegranates arils and pomegranate dressing

Pumpkin Couscous

Butternut pumpkin, couscous, roasts capsicum, sundried tomatoes, shallots and garnished with rocket lettuce

Pesto Barley

Barley, roast eggplant, charred zucchini, baby spinach, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, crumbled Tasmanian fetta mixed with fresh pesto

Chicken Caesar

Poached chicken, cos lettuce, boiled egg, bacon, Parmesan cheese and croutons

Chicken Avocado

Poached chicken, avocado, cucumber, tomato, mixed lettuce, capsicum, Spanish onion, sun dried tomato, and poppy seeds

Brown Rice

Rice, carrot, celery, corn and sultanas, cucumber, capsicum tossed with a sweet chilli dressing

Traditional Greek

Tomato, cucumber, capsicum, Spanish onion, olives, Tasmanian Fetta and oregano

Crumbed Chicken Pasta

Chicken, penne pasta, capsicum, Spanish onion, Parmesan cheese with a chilli mayonnaise dressing

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken, tomato and cucumber tossed with mixed lettuce, red capsicum and Spanish onion

Chicken Pesto Penne

Poached chicken, penne pasta, roasts capsicum, rocket lettuce, Parmesan and sun dried tomato tossed with Dijon vinaigrette and pesto sauce

Chicken Chorizo

Poached chicken, chorizo, cucumber, tomato, Spanish onion, capsicum and mixed lettuce


Beetroot and crumbled Tasmanian fetta cheese, rocket and walnuts


Bocconcini and cherry tomatoes with rocket, pepitas and Parmesan

Bean Medley

Mixed trio of beans, carrot, corn, celery, capsicum, seeded mustard dressing

Green Lentil

Lentils with freekah and kale topped with edamame, wasabi peas and matcha dressing

  Sir Thomas Sopwith Picnic Hamper 

Picnic Hamper


The Little Munch

$52.00 per person / Designed for two people

Corn chips with freshly made guacamole, tomato salsa and grilled lime

Oven roasted free-range chicken stuffed with confit garlic, garden herbs and brioche bread

Fluffy and light damper rolls with Tasmanian butter

Freshly tossed garden salad with masculine lettuce and house dressing

Freshly cut seedless watermelon

Chef’s chocolate and hazelnut brownies

San Pellegrino still & sparking mineral water


The Big Munch

$75.00 per person / Designed for two people

Antipasto with a selection of cured meats, grilled vegetables and herbed focaccia

Traditional English pork pie with seeded mustard

Freshly tossed garden salad with masculine lettuce and house dressing

Tasmanian smoked salmon rocket, Spanish onion and capers

French baguette and butter

House made chicken liver pâté with toasted herbed croutons

Fresh strawberries and whipped cream with runny Lindt chocolate

San Pellegrino still & sparking mineral water

Staff Fees

Extra wait staff required for pax numbers below

12-15pax – 1x wait staff
16-22pax – 2x wait staff

$240 per wait staff for a 4 hour charter

Extra hour $60 per hour per wait staff 

Wharf Fees

Pick up and drop off wharf fees apply (Usually $100 total). Check your quote and contract for more info.

All prices in $AUS. and include GST
Prices are subject to change without notice
50% deposit required to confirm your booking
No shoes will be permitted aboard



Catering Available     

BBQ Available     

Bring your own drinks available     

Bring your own food available     

You can bring your own music     

Get into/out of water to swim from this boat     


Robert Clark


• Length: 72 ft (22 m)
• An extra large saloon
• Full kitchen
• Ice maker and dishwasher
• Large free standing fridge
• Large princess seat and deck chairs
• Extra room in the bow of the boat for sunbathing
• Surround sound Bose system

Boat Suitability:

Private charters, Corporate Cruises, luxury boat accommodation, team building activities, sailing regattas, business meetings

More Info

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum capacity of the boat?
Boat is surveyed to hold a maximum of 22 passengers. Please note, an infant, regardless of age is considered a passenger.

Is the boat suitable for children?
Yes, it is suitable for children and appropriate sized lifejackets are available on request. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.

Catered Food Options
Can we organise a meal on board?

Yes, we can recommend some excellent caterers for you where we can design the perfect menu to suit your budget and taste.

On Tour
Can we have music on board?

Yes, the vessel is equipped with a sound system where you can plug in a music compatible device like an iPhone. Please ensure your mp3 player is fully charged.

Where can we go during our charter?
Your skipper can take you most places within Sydney Harbour, providing it is within the surveyed boundaries. Should your guests wish to go to a specific location within Sydney Harbour please let us know at time of briefing.

Can we extend our charter time during the charter?
Yes, although this is subject to availability. Please note, the charter will be extended based on the decision of the captain on board and payment will be processed post charter by authorised bond.

Booking and Payment
How do I secure my booking?

A minimum 50% deposit is required to confirm booking, with the balance payable 14 days prior to commencement of the charter. Upon payment of your deposit, a Skippered Charter Contract will be emailed to you, confirming details relevant to your charter, which must be signed and returned. Payment can be made by MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS, Electronic Funds Transfer or cash. Diners Card, Bankcard and Cheques are not accepted.

Is there any paperwork to complete before we go on our charter?
Yes, we require your signed contract and authorised bond form prior to your charter commencing.

If I cancel the charter, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds should you wish to cancel your charter. If boating conditions are unsafe, as determined by the management of Sydney Harbour Escapes, we will offer a six month voucher where you can reschedule your charter based on availability. Please see our General Booking Information on our website or contact a staff member on 02 9328 4748 for details.

Preparations and Arrival
What do you advise we bring along for our charter?
As conditions can vary on the water, it is suggested that you bring along a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimmers, and seasonal jumper or jacket.

Does our party need to get there before the set time of the charter?
All your party should be at the designated pick up point at least 15 minutes prior to your charter time to allow loading of passengers and gear and to enable enough time for the skipper's safety briefing. Please note, our charter will start and finish at the times on your contract.

Can one of our guests be picked up late and dropped off early from another wharf?
Multiple pick up and drop off points are not recommended as this will shorten your charter time significantly. We suggest that guests wishing to join the charter late or leave early should arrange alternative transportation via water taxi at their own cost. Please ask one of the Sydney Harbour Escapes team members for a Water Taxi contact.

Please call the friendly Sydney Harbour Escapes team with your enquiries
Open 7 days 02 9328 4748

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