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67' Classic Ferry Private Charters

With a wonderful classic feel and a pricing structure which makes it affordable for all occasions, Bundeena is now available for private transfers in Sydney Harbour. Its spacious interior and practical layout will allow a great time to be had by all, young and old alike.

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Skippered Charter

From $500 Per Hour

70 Max Passengers

70 Cocktail Style

70 Casual Buffet

This boat does allow
'Bring Your Own Food and Beverages'

Special Available

Select Your Occasion

Party Boat Charter (this page)

BUNDEENA Australia Day Charter

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Total cost =    Vessel Hire  
  Food   +  Beverages  
+   Staff Fees 
  Wharf Fees  

Vessel Hire Prices

Includes Captain

January - December
Day rate - to 6pm

Minimum 4 hour charter $2000
$300 for each additional hour
Night rate - from 6pm
Minimum 4 hour charter $2400
$400 for each additional hour

BYO Surcharge
$200 surcharge applies to BYO charters
Includes disposable crockery, cutlery, cups, utensils, serving equipment and eskies

Public holiday surcharges apply

  Food & Beverage

  Bundeena Boxes Menus 

Bundeena Boxes Menus
Serves 10-12 guests

Dips, Nuts + Olives
Beetroot & Feta Hummus (VG, GF)
Smokey Eggplant Dip & Dukkha (VG, GF)
House Marinated Olives (V, VG, GF, DF)
Mixed Spice Roasted Nuts (V, VG, GF, DF)
Crudites (Carrot, Celery, Capsicum & Cherry Tomatoes) (V, VG, GF, DF)
Grissini (VG)

Cheese, Meats, Olives + Dip

Coal River (Tasmanian) Triple Cream Brie (V, GF)
Prosciutto (GF, DF)
Sopressa Salami (GF, DF)
Beetroot + Feta Hummus (VG, GF)
House Marinated Olives (V, VG, GF, DF)
Crackers, Wafers + Grissini (VG)

Meats + Pickled Veg
Prosciutto (GF, DF)
Sopressa Salami (GF, DF)
Mortadella (GF, DF)
House Pickled Vegetables (V, VG, GF, DF)
Rosemary Focaccia (VG)

Three Cheeses

Coal River (Tasmanian) Triple Cream Brie (VG, GF)
Gorgonzola Dolce (VG, GF)
Vintage Cheddar (VG, GF)
Paired With Seasonal Accompaniments (VG, GF)
Crackers, Wafers + Grissini (VG)

Prawn Box

2kg x Fresh Market Best Tiger Or King Prawns, Lemon + Lime Wedges (GF, DF) + Thai Chilli Dipping Sauce (DF, GF) + Marie Rose Seafood Sauce + 12 X White Milk Rolls (VG)

Oyster Box
2 Doz X Market Best Sydney Rock Oysters, Lemon + Lime Wedges (GF, DF) + Red Wine Shallot Vinaigrette (VG, GF, DF) + Wholemeal Bread + Butter Fingers (VG)

Salmon Box

Whole Side Of Poached Salmon (1.5kg), Served With Dill + Horseradish Cream (GF)

Sweet Box

12 X Flourless Double Choc Brownie VG GF + Fresh Strawberries & Clotted Cream

Luxe Grazing Box 

Serves 30 guests
An instant grazing station in a one metre square box! 
Whole wheel of Coat River Triple Cream Brie, Gorgonzola Dolce, Vintage Cheddar, figs, grapes, honeycomb & crackers, Beetroot Hummus & Feta, Smoky Eggplant dip, Crudités & Grissini, Prosciutto, Sopressa ,Salami, Mortadella, Pickled Veg & Olives, Rosemary Focaccia & Rye bread.  Styled with native fauna and flora.

Dietary Information: V = Vegetarian VG = Vegan GF = Gluten Free   DF = Dairy Free

  Bundeena Bites Menus 

Bundeena Bites Menus

Finger Food Selection One
$30 per person
Cold Finger Food
Poached Chicken Pinwheels With Celery, Walnuts, House-made Mayonnaise & Watercress or Roasted Pumpkin & Ricotta (V)
Sushi Nori Rolls – Served With Soy & Mirin Dipping Sauce (GF)
Chargrilled Asparagus & San Danielle Prosciutto (GF)
Wagyu Beef With Roasted Capsicum And Mustard Cream On Bamboo Skewers (GF)
Hot Finger Food
Delicious  Mini Fritters With A Choice Of – Mini Zucchini & Feta Fritters Served With Caramelised Chilli Jam (V)
Indian Spiced Carrot & Spiced Yoghurt Dipping Sauce (V)
Mini Corn Fritters With Sweet Chilli & Coriander Dipping Sauce (V)
Mini Lamb & Eggplant Meatballs With Tzatziki Dipping Sauce (GF)
Signature Mini Sausage Rolls With Roasted Fresh Tomato Sauce

Finger Food Selection Two
$35 per person
Cold Finger Food
Tiny Black Rolls Filled With: Poached Chicken Breast With Celery, Walnuts, House-made Mayonnaise & Watercress Or Avocado & Swiss Gruyere (V)
Peeled Tiger Prawns With A Fresh Herb Dipping Sauce (GF)
Peking Duck Crepe Rolls
Vegetarian Crepe Rolls With Ricotta, Fresh Herbs & Smoked Tomatoes (V)
Wagyu Beef With Roasted Capsicum And Mustard Cream On Bamboo Skewers (GF)
Hot Finger Food
Delicious Mini Fritters With A Choice Of – Mini Zucchini & Feta Served With Caramelised Chilli Jam (V)
Indian Spiced Carrot & Spiced Yoghurt Dipping Sauce (V)
Corn Fritters With Sweet Chilli & Coriander Dipping Sauce (V)
American Buttermilk Chicken With Homemade Ranch Dipping  Sauce (GF)
Handmade Mini Pies – Chicken & Leek,  Rich Beef, Tandoori Lamb, Vegetarian (V)

Dietary Information: V = Vegetarian VG = Vegan GF = Gluten Free   DF = Dairy Free

  Bundeena BBQ Menus 

Bundeena BBQ Menus

BBQ Selection One
$35 per person

Chicken Thigh Fillets Marinated in Soy & Ginger (1 P.P.)
Pork & Fennel Sausages (2 P.P.)
Summer Slaw Of Carrot, Red Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Capsicum, Asian Herbs & Sesame Miso (V, VG, GF, DF)
Roast Chat Potato Salad With Rocket & Lemon Vinaigrette
Soft White Artisan Rolls & King Valley Butter Sauces & Mustard

BBQ Selection Two
$45 per person

Beef Skewer In A Paprika Rub (1 P.P.)
Chicken Skewer with Oregano & Lemon (1 P.P)
Garlic Prawn Skewer (3 Prawns / 1 P.P.)
Green Salad Of Mixed Leaves, Asparagus, Snow Peas, Fresh Peas, Sprouts, Feta & Almond Flakes With Balsamic
Summer Slaw Of Carrot, Red Cabbage, Chinese Cabbage, Capsicum, Asian Herbs & Sesame Miso (V, VG, GF, DF)
Roast Chat Potato Salad With Rocket & Lemon Vinaigrette
Soft White Artisan Rolls & King Valley Butter Sauces & Mustard

Dietary Information: V = Vegetarian VG = Vegan GF = Gluten Free   DF = Dairy Free

  Bundeena Beverage Packages 

Bundeena Beverage Packages

The House Package
$10 per person per hour

A selection of three full strength Australian beers and one Light Australian Beer
House Australian Sparkling Wine
House Sauvignon Blanc
House Series Cabernet Sauvignon
A variety of soft drinks and fruit juice is included

The Premium Package
$15 per person per hour

A selection of three Imported beers and one Light Australian Beer
Premium Label Sparkling Wine
Premium Label Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay
Premium Label Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz
A variety of soft drinks and fruit juice is included

The Spirits Package
$10 per person per hour

(Add-on to House or Premium Package)

Actual wines, beers and spirits subject to availability. Particular requests can be considered

  Christmas Eve Cruise Catering Menus - Christmas Eve Cruises Only 

Christmas Eve Cruise Catering Menus
For Christmas Eve Cruises only

On Arrival with Complimentary Champagne
Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
Peeled Tiger Prawns with a fresh herb dipping sauce (gf)
Vegetarian Crepe Rolls with ricotta, fresh herbs & smoked tomatoes (v)
Christmas Buffet
Hand Carved & Plattered Turkey Buffet (gf)
Served with home made Cranberry Sauce
Hand Carved & Plattered Premium Jose Pereira Artisan Leg Ham (gf)
Served with 2 Condiments & Mustard
Hand carved Roasted Pork Loin (gf)
Served with Homemade Apple Sauce
Chargrilled vegetable platter with Marinated Feta (gf,v)
(Perfect for our vegetarian friends & delicious with all meats served!)
Kipfler Potato Salad (gf,v)
Roasted Beetroot Salad with Baby Spinach (gf,v)
Mixed Tomato Salad with Chives (gf,v)
Christmas Petit Fours
Mince Tarts

Staff Fees

$250 per wait staff for a 4 hour charter
1–50 pax – 1 x wait staff required
51–70 pax – 2 x wait staff

Cash / Consumption Bar
$250 per bar person for 4 hour charter
1 - 49 pax - 1 x bar person required
50 - 70 pax - 2 x bar person

Additional hour
Cruise officer - $60 per hour
Wait staff - $60 per hour
Bar person - $60 per hour

Wharf Fees

Pick up and drop off wharf fees apply (Usually $100 total). Check your quote and contract for more info.

Wharf Details
For pick up/drop off at Manly and additional one-hour travel time is required and may be subject to conditions.

Note: Swimming permitted on board only at Clifton Gardens Wharf. No additional wharf fees for this.

All prices in $AUS. and include GST
Prices are subject to change without notice
50% deposit required to confirm your booking
No stiletto heels be worn on board



Catering Available     

BBQ Available     

Bring your own drinks available     

Bring your own food available     

This boat has a licenced bar     

You can bring your own music     

Get into/out of water to swim from this boat     

This boat has a special offer     


Custom Built


• Tasmanian Huon Pine Licensed Bar with bar stool seating
• Harbour view side bench seating with comfort cushions
• Harbour view buffet benches
• Covered seating at the rear of the vessel with Harbour wide views
• Open outdoor smoking area at the bow
• Central entertainment area
• Bluetooth compatible music system
• Separate Ladies and Gents rest rooms

Boat Suitability:

Birthday Cruises, Private Charters, New Years Day, Party boat - great for all occasions


Bundeena BYO Specials
Until 31st December 2019
Day Cruise
Night Cruise

4hr Cruise
Includes crew, ice and eskies, chilled drinking water, disposable drink ware, disposable plates and cutlery and Bluetooth music system
Serve yourself hotdog bar included with 4hr cruise. Hotdogs, buns, toppings and sauces included.

More Info

 Frequently Asked Questions

Safety and Equipment
Is the boat safe and in good condition?

Yes, the vessel is currently in survey with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which requires comprehensive safety equipment standards and regular safety checks. A safety briefing is given to the charter passengers before embarkation and safety gear will be provided if required. All vessels in our fleet are selected for safety, comfort, quality and cleanliness. We are proud to keep them this way.

What is the maximum capacity of the boat?
70 passengers is the maximum surveyed number allowed on this vessel.
Please note - an infant, regardless of age is considered a passenger.

Is there sun and wind protection on the boat?
Bundeena’s spacious indoor area provides ample shade from the sun and wind.

What toilet facilities are on board?
Bundeena is equipped with 2 modern, spacious marine toilets with easy access for charter.

Catered Food and Beverage Options
Can we organize a meal on board?

Yes, we can recommend some excellent local caterers for you to design and deliver the perfect menu to suit your budget and taste.

BYO Catering
Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, we suggest that you bring boat friendly food that requires minimum preparation i.e. platter-style cold foods.

Is there a BBQ on board?
The vessel is equipped with an outdoor gas BBQ including cooking utensils. Please note that adverse weather conditions may make barbecuing difficult.

Do I have to wash up the dishes?
No, sit back and relax and the crew will do that for you.

Where can we put our food and drinks?
The boat has a fridge unit in the galley as well as two large ice coolers. You are permitted to bring along additional coolers if required. Older style metal eskies are not allowed as they damage the boat.

Do we need to bring ice for the cooler / esky?

On Tour
Can we have music on board?

Yes, the vessel is equipped with a sound system which is iPod and mp3 compatible. Please ensure your mp3 player is fully charged. Bundeena is equipped with both indoor and outdoor speakers.

Where can we go during our charter?
Your skipper can take you most places within Sydney Harbour, providing it is within the surveyed boundaries. Should your guests wish to go to a specific location within Sydney Harbour please let us know at time of briefing.

Can we extend our charter time during the charter?
Yes, although this is subject to availability and up to the skippers discretion. Please note payment will charged to the authorised bond post charter.

Booking and Payment
How do I secure my booking?

A minimum 50% deposit is required to confirm booking, with the balance payable 14 days prior to commencement of the charter. Upon payment of your deposit, a Skippered Charter Contract will be faxed or emailed to you, confirming details relevant to your charter, which must be signed and returned. Payment can be made by MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS, Electronic Funds Transfer or Cash. Diners Card, Bankcard and Cheques are not accepted.

Is there any paperwork to complete before we go on our Charter?                 
Yes, we require your signed contract and authorised bond form prior to your charter.

If I cancel the charter, can I get a refund?
See General Booking Information button below for details.

Wet Weather
What happens in the event of rain?

Bundeena provides excellent protection from the elements because of its covered coach house area.
We cannot offer a 'Blue Sky Guarantee'. If boating conditions are unsafe, as determined by the management of Sydney Harbour Escapes, we will offer a six month voucher where you can reschedule your charter based on availability.

Preparations and Arrival
What do you advise we bring along for our charter?

As conditions can vary on the water, it is suggested that you bring along a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimmers, and seasonal jumper or jacket. Please wear white-soled shoes or non-marking boating shoes. Strictly no black soled shoes or stiletto-heeled shoes, as this will damage the decking.

Does our party need to get there before the set time of the charter?
All your party should be at the designated pick up point at least 15 minutes prior to your charter time to allow loading of passengers and gear and to enable enough time for the skipper's safety briefing.
Please note - your charter will start and finish at the times on your contract.

Can one of our guests be picked up late and dropped off early from another wharf?
Multiple pick up and drop off points are not recommended as this will shorten your charter time significantly. We suggest that guests wishing to join the charter late or leave early should arrange alternative transportation via water taxi at their own cost. Please ask one of the Sydney Harbour Escapes team members for a Water Taxi contact.

Please call the friendly Sydney Harbour Escapes team with your enquiries
Open 7 days 02 9328 4748

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