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The staff has been on board for a very long time and know the vessel very well, 5 star experience.What do we love about Hiilani? Oh she’s a special one! Let’s start with one of the coolest facts about this vessel. Once upon a time, she was owned by nonetheless than Shirley Temple, when the boat used to cruise in the waters of Shirley’s beloved Hawaii. So when you cruise around this vessel, you are cruising back in history.

• What else is there to love about Hiilani? She has plenty of walking space and you can completely walk around the exterior of the boat, which makes her a fantastic option for families with children.  She’s also great for birthday parties, family gatherings and any occasion to celebrate life with your loved ones. Her BBQ on board and her vast amount of open deck area makes it a place to mingle with friends and family.

• We love her versatility too and we truly love organising corporate events with this vessel. There is plenty of mobility for guests to walk in and out, socialising between the outdoor bar and the indoor lounge. The fly deck adds an extra level of fun, and the views from up there are especially gorgeous! One of our favourite aspects of Hiilani is her crew, who has been with her for many years, ensuring the best and most sincere customer experience.

• Last but not least, we love Hiilani’s weather flexibility. With a good balance of indoor and outdoor areas, she is the perfect vessel to cruise around during warm summer days or in the slightly colder ones. All in all, Hiilani is definitely one those hidden gems of the Sydney Harbour that you don’t want to miss. We’re very confident that you’ll end up loving her as much as we do!