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Boat Hire Sydney

Choose from more than 130 boats for private boat hire in Sydney Harbour. Please call us on 02 9328 4748 to discuss options for boat function events. Read more about boat hire Sydney.


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Additional Options for Boat Hire Sydney



Look for the following boat features on our fleet. Click the links to see the boats available with your chosen feature:

Catering available Catering Available - Looking for a gourmet experience on board? we have different catering options available for your boat charter.
Bring Your Own Food BYO Food - If you are feeling like bringing your own food, some of our boats available for hire allow BYO
Bring Your Own Alcohol BYO Alcohol - If you would like to bring your favourite drinks aboard, some of our vessels offer BYO alcohol.
Licenced Bar Licenced Bar - If you don't want to worry about carrying your drinks all the way to the boat, some of our selected vessels have a full licenced bar
BBQ BBQ  - If you would like to have your food cook aboard, the crew will take care of it on the boat BBQ (available only for some of the vessels on our fleet)
IPOD Dock iPod - All of the boats available for hire on our fleet have an AUX cord which is compatible with most music devices and some of them have Bluetooth connectivity
Internet Wireless Network (Wifi) Available WiFi - Some of our boats have WiFi connectivity on board.
Air conditioning Air Conditioning - Enjoy the interior of some of our charter boat vessels with A/C on board.
Swimming Swimming - You can use the swim platforms and ladders in most of the boats in our fleet whilst the vessel is anchored.
TV / DVD TV / DVD - If you need A/V equipment to play a video or just want to relax watching TV while the captain does his job, let us know and we will find the perfect vessel with projection facilities for you




What are the options do you offer for boat hire around Sydney?

Sydney Harbour Escapes specialises in charter boat services for private boat charters and ticketed charter cruises for special event days. You have the option to hire a boat for half day, full day, overnight or extended charters. There are many options with over 130 boats for charter so we advise calling or emailing us directly so that we can consider your event plan and find a boat for charter that is a perfect fit for you occasion, budget and guest numbers. having all this, we need to check boat availability to make sure that we only offer you boats that are not already booked. Here are some information about boating destinations in Sydney Harbour.

How much does it cost to hire a boat in Sydney for a party?

The price for a boat for rent for a party include a skipper and fuel. The cost of boat hire Sydney is from $350 per hour but this can go up to as much as $3500 per hour for luxury private superyacht charters. During high season, boats are offered for charter for a minimum of 4 hours, so the prices are minimum $1400 for 4 hours to around $14, 000 for 4 hours. In the off season, you can hire a boat for 3 hours and there are some fabulous special boat charter deals on offer.

I would like to hire a large boat for a party. What sort of budget would I need?

You can hire a boat and spend as little as $50 per person. The average per person spend for a boat hire party would be around $100. Catering choices will add more of course. An event budget of over $8000 will be a good start for a large boat party. Of course, the more you have to spend per head will make for a party with presence. We have experience booking over 20, 000 charters for small events, wedding charters, corporate events and special event charters so we advise to just contact us and ask us lots of questions!

What are the best function boats for a large party?

Large pontoon boats can host up to 950 persons. Popular choices for large events such as wedding charters are glass pontoon boats, floating party barges, luxury superyachts and large catamaran boats. All these vessels are extremely stable and many have bars on board. You will be surprised what a wonderful party space a boat can be as it instantly bonds the guests and everyone is awed by the beauty of the boat and the harbour views.

Can we do a custom sydney harbour cruise on a private party boat?

Yes! A typical party boat hire Sydney charter includes a Sydney Harbour cruise where you will cruise around and see the sights. Typically, after you are picked up from a wharf of your choice, you will cruise around Sydney Harbour enjoying all the wonderful sights such as Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, glamourous waterfront homes, historical points of interest and the majestic city skyline. If you are doing a twilight character, you will see the transition of the harbour views from day to sunset hues to the twinkle of lights sparking and reflecting on the water. Generally people are busy talking and taking photos. On a small charter with few people, it is ok to ask your skipper to point out interesting features, and they will be happy to do this, however if there are many people on board and the skipper needs to concentrate on navigating safely in the harbour, a commentary is not advised.

What services does a boat agent company provide? Is your boat advice free?

A boat charter agent acts similarly to a travel agent in that their services are free and the boat pays a commission to the agent for booking the charter and looking after the guest on board. The advantage to you is that the cost of boat hire is the same and you get extra special service and impartial advice in comparing boats and services. The quality of the boats has been screened for you so you can relax knowing that the boat that you hire for an event cruise will comply with all safety regulations and will excel in service and quality of presentation. Click here to contact Sydney Harbour Escapes

How can I find out if there is a boat near me for a handy pick up or drop off?

The best way is to call the Sydney Harbour Escapes team on 02 93284758 and we can advise of the closest wharf to suit the majority of your clients. In the meantime you may wish to view the wharf pick up map here to see what boat can pick up near you for boat charter.

I am seeking last minute boat hire in Sydney

Ok. Call Sydney Harbour Escapes on 02 93284748 or email us and we can get you on a boat quickly.

I have a boat licence, do I need a skipper for a party boat?

All our boats have qualified skippers at the helm that are registered with Sydney Harbour Escapes. We do not provide bareboat charters for parties, but we advise you consider hiring a boat from the list of charter boats here.

I am looking for long term boat hire in Sydney. Is this possible?

Yes! Long term boats for are available for exclusive getaway charters in the Whitsundays and along the eastern coast of Australia and in International waters such as Tonga and Fiji. The boats are mostly super yachts and luxury sailing yachts and catamarans. Stays are available in Sydney Harbour. Please see our Boat accommodation page for more information.


6 Factors to check before booking a Sydney harbour cruise

Have you considered that when hiring a boat in Sydney for a party cruise, wedding cruise, corporate entertainment or team building function, you have to check that the boat hire company is solid. Why?

1. Service: Do not choose any boat for hire without knowing that the service will be of a standard that you would be proud of when entertaining your guests. Sydney Harbour Escapes monitors boat services to ensure that your charter cruise is one that you will be proud of. Will the boat charter agent look after you after the booking is made? We think that having a trusting relationship is important in business and we will be on hand to see you are looked after before, during and after the event to make sure that the service was exceptional.

2. Financial Check: Check that boat charter company is robust financially. Especially if you are booking a boat for hire in Sydney in advance, you are trusting that your substantial deposit will be honoured by the time you are ready to complete your final payment for the charter. Sydney Harbour Escapes ranks highly in the industry standard of company financial checks - Dunn and Bradsheet.

3. Survey: Check that the boat is in 'survey'. This means that the boat for hire has been certified by the government NSW Maritime Authority, having passed a huge range of safety and performance checks. A boat in survey has a stronger hull and taller stanchions ( the fence around the boat) for example. To be in survey, a boat needs to be built for hire from scratch to pass these tests. Boats not in survey will not pass the safety standards to make you know that the boat is safe. Most importantly, A surveyed boat in hire will also provide up to date and checked lifejackets and other safety equipment.

4. Hidden Fees: At Sydney Harbour Escapes, our quotes will contain all fees that you will need for your charter. This is so that you do not get hidden surprises after booking. Some boat charter agents will quote a cheap rate then sting you later for fees that you did not expect. To compare apples with apples, make sure that you know how much it will be for extras such as wharf pick up fees, BYPO charges, ice, staffing surcharges etc for your boat hire Sydney.

5. The Extra Mile: Will the boat charter agent look after you after the booking is made? We think that having a trusting relationship is important in business and we will be on hand to see you are looked after before, during and after the event to make sure that the service was exceptional.

6. Is the charter boat really in the fleet? Beware of agents that put up boats in their charter fleet without asking the boat owner and even checking if the boat is in charter in Sydney. We know of many instances of where the owners do not know the agent and their content has been put online without checking current prices and menus. We know of boats that are offered for charter that have sunk! Sydney Harbour Escapes has a solid relationship with all our boat owners and we check prices and updates and take images regularly so that we can make sure that you have the a valid choice and honest quotes to make an informed decision regarding the best boat to hire.


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