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Fishing Boat Hire Sydney

Sydney is a great spot for recreational and sports fishing providing anglers with an opportunity to hone their skill and practise the art and science of fishing. Whether you are an amateur trying to experience the fun of fishing or you’re a seasoned angler who is out to showcase their skill to others, you can do it with our fishing boats in Sydney. We offer different types of fishing charters and Sydney boat hire options, whether for deep-sea fishing or for fishing around the beaches; the choice is yours. Find your ideal boat hire with Sydney Harbour Escapes:

People taking fishing activities for fun and sports can hire our fleet of fishing charters to explore the fishing opportunities in Sydney ocean waters. Sydney offers year-round fishing seasons from January through to August. New Year starts in a big way in Sydney. Being peak season for tourists in Sydney, it makes the beaches and the city packed. You can escape the crowds by heading offshore with our Sydney boat hire options, where you can engage in fishing. A morning fishing expedition tends to be most successful!


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When to Book Your Fishing Charter

In March, the number of visitors visiting Sydney falls slightly, making it a great time to tour Sydney. Also, the water temperatures start to drop, but there are chances that you will find Salmon, Mahi, Marlin, and Bonito in Sydney Harbour. Hire a fishing boat and head to the waters to fish your favourite fish. 

In April, you have most fishing activities coming to halt as the temperatures drop. That being said, you can still catch Mac Tuna and Bonito in the Harbour. There is also a possibility to catch Blue Marlin and Mahi during this month. With May setting in, local fish species begin to feed up as they prepare for winter. The season is changing with fishing being unpredictable. However, you can find Flathead fish, Kingfish, and Mulloway. Heading offshore, you can deep drop for Blue Eye Cod and Hapuka fish. 

When June arrives, many anglers will pull in their boats as they prepare to take a break. At Sydney Harbour Escapes, we can give you a fishing expedition treat during this time. It is a great time for you to catch Snapper and some other type of fish over the inshore reefs. In July, it might be cold, however, that should not stop you from going out to fish. Hire our fishing boat and head offshore to catch tasty Squid, Bream, and Trevally in the Harbour. You may find Kingfish, Teraglin, and Snapper over the inshore reefs whilst Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Albacore Tuna can be found offshore.  

The best month of the year to fish offshore within Sydney waters in August. Hiring a fishing charter in this period, there are good chances that you will catch Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Tuna. 

Clovelly Beach and Gordons Bay are good fishing spots. During low tide, it’s when you have the rock-clinging critters being most visible. So, pick up your bucket and put down the rod. Of course, there are rules and laws to adhere to when fishing. Make sure you are wearing a lifejacket when fishing on the rocks. You will find that certain things are banned including fishing Blue Groper, spear-fishing, and harvesting of protected species like cockles and urchins. 

Another ideal spot for fishing is Beulah Street Wharf at Sydney Harbour. Here you find fishing waiting in the pools and coves in the harbour. These fishes are swept into Sydney waters by ocean currents that swirl from the Pacific. The tidal flows tend to set up dozens of fishing spots along the Kirribilli’s rock walls allowing anglers to have good fishing experience. 

Sydney Harbour is regarded as the most popular fishing sport in the city, so you may want to try your luck at various spots and at different times to discover your happiest hunting ground. Beulah Street Wharf is one of the good spots for fishing in the harbour. The Beulah Street wharf at the southern edge of Kirribilli is a nice spot where you can catch Bream, Squid, and Trevally. You can also catch Snapper, Flatheads, Jewfish, and Flounder on the rocks or on the beach. We will guide you on the fishing rules so that you follow them because taking an undersized fish can quickly draw the attention of Sydney City Council rangers. 

You can also engage in deep-sea fishing where you head far offshore to a greater reward. From Tuna to Marlin to Wahoo, you will get them out there. Experiencing game fishing expeditions at their finest gives you some great moments. A fishing boat for deep sea fishing in Sydney gives you a different experience from fishing around the harbour. You will meet the beasts, so you have to be prepared as their bite can leave nobody indifferent. If you are looking forward to exploring the blue sea depths, get a Sydney Harbour Escapes fishing power boat and head further out. You will come across Marlin, Tuna, and Mahi Mahi. From November to May, you will be able to catch Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin – this is the time when the East Australian Current heads to the coastline. As the waters begin to cool down, you can catch Yellowfin, Bluefish, Tuna, Bonito, Albacore, as well as a variety of Sharks. You can go trolling or do live bait and jig. At times, poppers are able to catch Marlin all excited. 

Do you plan to have a fishing expedition in Sydney? At Sydney Harbour Escapes, we have fishing boats to take to different fishing spots. Our fishing guides are experienced in the area and understand the best spots you can visit for fishing. We will take you to different fishing grounds where you will engage in fishing to catch your favourite fish.  

You can even host a fishing contest or competition with your friends to showcase your fishing skills. You also have a chance to learn how to do fishing so that the next time you are there on your own, you have mastered the skill.  Our fishing expeditions are designed to ensure safety and reap the most of your experience.  Whether it’s a large group seeking recreational fishing activity or a smaller group doing sports fishing, at Sydney Harbour Escapes, we cater to your needs by providing you with suitable fishing boats in Sydney.  

How may we assist you? Please let us know your event details and we will contact you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sydney Fishing Tours

How many miles can we go?

Reef Fishing - between 3-12 nautical miles Deep Sea Fishing - 9 -20 nautical miles out Game Fishing - up to 35 nautical miles out

What type of fish can we catch?

You can catch, tuna, marlin, kingfish, dolphin fish, flathead, snapper…. The list is endless!

Can we cook our fish on board?

We are not able to cook the fish on the BBQ while out fishing but we can come back into the harbour earlier to cook the fish.

What are the fishing options?

1. Harbour Fishing
Fishing in sheltered waters is not what it used to be in Sydney. Since commercial fishing in Sydney has been strictly regulated and the pollution laws have become stricter and better enforced, Sydney Harbour is regenerating quickly in both fauna and flora. As a result, it is bringing in an abundance of both small and large fish in numbers that haven't been seen in Sydney since the 1950s.

The expected catch will differ according to the seasons, day time and weather. On our fishing charters, you are with experts who can guide you to the best spots at the best times. Possible catch: Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Black fish, Bonito, Jew fish, Mackerel, King fish, Trevally, Salmon, Silver Drummer, Tuna, Luderik, Leather jacket, yellowtail and more

2. Reef Fishing There are many offshore reefs and wrecks around the Sydney region. These play host to a large range of fish that congregate in their sheltered waters. Most are about 20 minutes boat ride from Sydney Heads. You can catch King fish, large Dolphin Fish in summer and Snapper in winter, Morwong, Tuna and lots more!

3. Sports Fishing Sport fishing is called 'sports' because it is meant to be action packed and muscle building! It's great fun to play the line to reel in fish averaging around one metre long fighting against you. Experience action packed fishing in Sydney for such species as for Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish) , King fish.

4. Game Chair Fishing Game chair fishing takes sports fishing to a new level where you're strapped to the game chair so it assists your reeling ability to really go after the BIG ones! In summer, Marlin, Giant Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and Tuna are popular catches and in the winter Yellowfin Tuna and Mako sharks.

How do I book a fishing charter?

If you would like to book a charter, please contact the Sydney Harbour Escapes team on 02 9328 4748 to book the best fishing charters in Sydney. Whether you are booking a fishing charter for a group of friends, or you looking into a corporate deep sea fishing charter, we have a vessel to suit your needs. For those seeking some action in the game chair, you can't go past a deep sea sports fishing charter. Sydney is renowned for our game fishing charters and will reward you with some great catches that are worth boasting about when you get back home. Your guide will show you the best spots for the fishing season and provide rods and tackle for you. All you need to do is turn up and enjoy the great experience.

Who cleans the fish we catch?

The deckhand aboard the vessel will assist in cleaning the fish caught on the day.

How do I book a fishing charter?

If you are seeking a deep sea boat fishing charter, please contact the Sydney Harbour Escapes team on 9328 4748 to book the best fishing charters sydney boats. Whether you are booking a boat charter fishing tour for a group of friends, or you are corporate seeking deep sea sport fishing charter, we have a vessel to suit your needs.

Deep Sea Fishing Packages and Tours with Expert Local Guides

For those seeking some action in the game chair, you can't go past a deep sea boat sports fishing charter. Sydney is renowned for its game fishing charters and will reward you with some great catches that are worth boasting about when you get back home. Your guide will show you the best spots for the fishing season and provide rods and tackle for you. All you need to do is turn up and enjoy the great experience.

Luxury Fishing Charters

Our fleet boasts the finest luxury fishing boats in Sydney for charter. Why pay for a whole boat set up and only use it a few times a year? It makes more sense to just hire a boat complete with all the latest technology, professional fishing gear and then leave all the boat maintenance and clean up happily in your wake.

Corporate Fishing Trips

A popular option for a team building adventure is a group offshore fishing tour or inshore fishing competitions. For more information see Corporate Fishing Competitions on Sydney Harbour.

Inshore Fishing

Since commercial fishing has been restricted inshore, the mighty recreational angler has claimed a few more titles thanks to increased numbers of fish in Sydney Harbour. Sydney Harbour is popular for sheltered waters throughout the year.

The fish have their seasons and we can advise what is running at the moment for you. Our favourite time of year is when the tailor comes in droves batting the water with fervour. You have the option to rent a private fishing charter boat with a skipper or hire a self-drive boat. A skippered boat will leave you for more time to fish and will allow you to explore to a larger area of the harbour. The self-drive fishing boat is cheaper and lots of fun.

Do I need a fishing licence?

Tours include a recreational fishing licence for the duration of the charter, so you do not need to worry about applying for the mandatory licence from Roads and Maritime Services.

The Sydney Harbour Escapes team are proud to host the best fishing charter boats Sydney has to offer. If you see a private fishing charter boat or fishing trip package you like, please contact us and we will check the charter boat date availability for you and book in your fishing cruise.