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What do we love about this boat? We simply love it all. She is one of the finest super yachts to cruise the Sydney Harbour, elegantly designed with curved Cherrywood finishes, gorgeous details in and out, and sate of the art features.

• Where do we begin? Hunter was born to impress. When you go out with her, you’ll be turning heads around you.  She has a flashy style to her, with chic and jazzy lights all around her. In addition to the intricate lighting system, she’s got a sharp entertainment system designed to bright up any occasion.

• What else is there to love about her? Her stylish VIP stateroom is elegantly fitted with all the features you’ll ever need for a memorable overnight experience. Her interior is design with a lavish marble bathroom, teak finishes and spacious interiors, making it a very comfortable sleeping experience. This makes her the perfect vessel to celebrate romantic occasions such as proposals, engagements, anniversaries or just a romantic evening under the stars.

• With capacity for 12 people, Hunter provides a very intimate experience ideal for special occasions such as family celebrations and friend’s birthdays. She has a diving platform that pulls out and rises above water, creating a unique entertainment experience for small groups. Her sun deck and wide social areas inside and all around the vessel make her a great place to gather around with friends and family and soak up the sun and take in the views of the Sydney Harbour.

• Hunter is also great for premium corporate events. With her luxurious fittings, sumptuous style and pleasant areas for meetings and gatherings, she will surely create a lasting impression for your clients and event guests.

• Last but not least, she has a dedicated team of service professionals that provide top quality catering and tailored solutions for yourself and your clients.