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What do we absolutely love about Seven Star? She honours her name very well, providing above and beyond service, a luxurious and comfortable ambiance and a seamless experience on board.

• She is a fine Super Yacht with exquisite design, indoor and outdoor. With a wide range of layout options, this is an ideal vessel for events of up to 80 passengers. In the main lounge area inside, it is possible to remove the table arrangement to provide maximum floor capacity to create large open spaces for a dance floor or group activities. This feature makes it perfect for weddings, corporate events, team building workshops and more.

• This main saloon area is also equipped with a sophisticated sound and light system that can quickly transform any event into a massive party. Throughout the boat, there are various areas for your guests to relax or dance, with abundant deck space for everyone.

• Our guests boast about Seven Star’s seven star service. The team on board is highly accommodating of your needs and will help you out throughout your event to ensure seamless execution and maximum enjoyment of your experience. The phenomenal service on board is complemented by their high quality catering services, full size kitchen and a large range of options for dining space layouts. Additionally, there is a custom-designed BBQ on board and beautiful teak tables for outdoor dining. She also offers a soothing spa with open air Jacuzzi, a breathtaking spot to relax over chilled beverages while enjoying the sunset.

• Due to her large capacity and wide range of options and features, we love Seven Star as a wedding destination or to celebrate special days with large groups of friends.  She is great for Australia Day, Boxing Day or your upcoming birthday celebration. 
Seven Star is truly fit for all occasions!