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‘Too Up’ is too good not to be loved! This beautiful sailing catamaran is a perfect way to entertain groups of up to 20 people. Too Up is fitted with all the comforts needed for an unforgettable sailing experience. She is big, she is cosy and she is refined.
• One of the aspects we love the most about Too Up is her open, wide spaces all throughout the vessel, providing great mobility and accessibility for everyone on board. With a complete walk around design, easy-to-access toilet facilities and plenty of space in the dining area, she is a fantastic option for parties, private and corporate events and family gatherings. In addition, the windows near the kitchen and dining area open beautifully to connect with the outdoors in case some guests prefer to stay in the shade.
• The open deck area provides trampolines and plenty of spaces for guests to sit back, lie down and relax while watching the world go by. We really love the table at the stern of the vessel with fantastic views of the harbour. She also has some really convenient outdoor features such as a diving platform, swim ladder and warm outdoor shower.
•This beautiful sailing catamaran is very stable, providing a comfortable experience. In addition, there are shades in the outdoor area of the vessel, protecting guests from the sun and wind. All these features along with the fine finishes of this vessel make for a great option to hold corporate events or gatherings with business colleagues. The cosy interiors and spacious entertaining areas are also ideal for birthday parties and family events.
• We also love to stay overnight aboard the Too Up. There is a pleasant sleeping area complemented by a built-in MP3 stereo, TV and an inflatable tender in case you’d like to take short trips to the harbour beaches throughout your trip.
• In summary, we really love the luxurious yet relaxed feeling that this alluring vessel exudes.