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• We love John Oxley because it has a great capacity for a wide range of events. John Oxley showcases a beautiful interior with a fresh summery vibe on board, characterised by the yellow and white cushions matching with the elegant wooden fittings all around. 

• John Oxley is a super boat for corporate events, business meetings, workshops seminars and more. With a capacity of up to 47 passengers, there are endless possibilities to make the idea for your next event come true. To entertain your guests, this splendid boat can be arranged to fit up to 47 guests in a cocktail style or buffet layout, or 10 for a fully catered sit down meal. The team aboard John Oxley are true professionals providing top notch service to ensure your event is seamlessly executed. 

• We also love this boat because it is wide and spacious for a monohull yacht. This adds an extra level of stability, increasing the comfort of the passengers while sailing away into the beautiful waters of the Sydney Harbour. 

• Our guests love to hire this boat for personal charters as well, providing a great space for family and social gatherings, or just celebrating special events such as New Year’s Eve, Boxing Day and Australia Day. With wide indoor and outdoor spaces, John Oxley guarantees various areas for you and your guests to spend their time relaxing and taking in the terrific harbour views. This boat has an outstanding music system that smoothly spreads out throughout the vessel, enhancing the ambiance of your event. 

• One of the other lovely features about this boat is the fact that it has a fully commercial kitchen managed by an on-board Chef, ensuring that your food and beverage experience is flawless and flavourful.

• What we love the most about John Oxley is that whether you are hosting an event for your company or for your family and friends, you can always rest assured that you’re in very professional hands.