6 Best Spots to Watch The Sunset in Sydney in 2024


6 Best Spots to Watch The Sunset in Sydney in 2024


There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset over the sea, especially in a city as beautiful as Sydney. Despite being a concrete jungle, Sydney city has some of the best spots to catch the sunset — if you know where to look. 

If you’ve not yet caught a glimpse of the sunset over a pastel-orange sky while sipping on a glass of wine with family and friends, that’s something you should definitely add to your bucket list this year. Here are our recommendations for the 6 best spots to watch the sunset in Sydney in 2024.


1. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair/Botanic Gardens

Right on the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair offers panoramic views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it’s the perfect place to end an evening stroll in the gardens. Viewing spaces for the sunset isn’t just limited to the bench — there are plenty of grassy areas around that still offer that “postcard-worthy” view of the sunset against the cityscape. 

Access to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is open to the public for free via the Royal Botanic Gardens and is popular with both locals and tourists, so be sure to bring your essentials and grab a spot early before it fills up. 

Activity recommendations before sunset: Enjoy a stroll in the Royal Botanic Gardens and time your walk to end at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair to catch the sunset. 

List of the best sunset spots in Sydney

2. The Grassy Knoll, North Bondi

Head to the east end of Bondi Beach to discover the Grassy Knoll, also known as Biddigal Reserve. Featuring gentle grassy slopes for lounging, the North Bondi Grassy Knoll is a great place to view the sunset surrounded by the electric atmosphere of Bondi Beach. You can expect to enjoy unrestricted views of the sunset against the east coast waters, after a day at the beach or during a picnic with loved ones. 

It's Bondi, so the best time to go here is on the weekend when activities are in full swing. Bring lots of sunscreen, a hat, and a pair of sunnies for a comfortable afternoon out till the sun sets!

Activity recommendations before sunset: Swim at the beach, grab afternoon tea at a café, or explore the year-round activities that Bondi has to offer. 


3. Observatory Hill, Millers Point

Right in the heart of the city, Observatory Hill at Millers Point is a prime example of a hidden gem of a spot to watch the sunset. It offers elevated views of the harbour and the city’s silhouette against the backdrop of the sky, giving viewers the opportunity to enjoy the sunset without staring right at the sun. It’s not uncommon to see lots of people beginning to gather here close to sunset timings, but the environment remains relatively quiet and peaceful regardless. 

Observatory Hill can be a little hard to get to by car because of its location within the city — travelling by bus or train can get you here more easily. Bring some food or snacks with you (no alcohol) and a small mat if you’re planning to spend the afternoon here. 

Activity recommendations before sunset: Spend a day in the city shopping or exploring the nearby Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.


4. On Sydney Harbour

So far, we’ve listed sunset viewing spots that overlook the harbour. This spot takes it one step further by giving you an uncontested view of the sunset over the waters of the harbour itself. With a boat hire, you can set sail into Sydney Harbour and have a sunset viewing party in a private space of your own — it’s a quintessential experience for those looking to see Sydney in a whole new way. 

Boat hires in Sydney range from small fishing boats like the Sea Eagle to luxury yachts like Topaz, so there’s an option for every budget. Sunset cruises are especially popular in the harbour, so make your bookings early to avoid disappointment!

Activity recommendations before sunset: Go island hopping, try out some water sports like kayaking, or enjoy a leisurely sunset cruise with your boat hire. 

 Continued list of the best sunset spots in Sydney

5. Fairfax Lookout, Manly

Located at the south end of the Sydney Harbour National Park, Fairfax Lookout has scenic coastal views that place the sunset behind the Hornby lighthouse and the city skyline. It’s a breath-taking spot that consistently sees visitors throughout the week.

There is a $5 admission to enter the Sydney Harbour National Park, which you will need to access Fairfax Lookout. The park in itself is a fantastic place to explore while you hike toward the lookout for the sunset view. 

Activity recommendations before sunset: Take a drive up to North Head and explore the  Sydney Harbour National Park, or join one of the many guided tours that end in a hike up to Fairfax Lookout.


6. The Bayrun, Rodd point

The Bay Run is not so much a singular spot  — it’s a 7km route that offers spectacular views of the sunset in Sydney. If running or cycling is up your alley, this might be the best way to view the sunset over the harbour while doing what you love. You’ll find the best angle to see the sunset between Rodd Point and Drummoyne. 

The Bay Run is accessible from anywhere along the route. You can also walk the entire route instead of running or cycling; just be aware that it may take you about an hour and a half to complete the whole circuit at a brisk pace. 

Activity recommendations before sunset: Get your workout in with a run or a bike ride!


Experience Stunning Sunset Views with Sydney Harbour Escapes

If you only have time for one spot, we’d recommend choosing to view the sunset on the Sydney Harbour with a boat hire. The reflections painted in the water as the sun goes down make for a picturesque scene that can’t be found anywhere else. Our boat hires can take you anywhere in the harbour for a sunset viewing party, so book with us today!





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