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Hosting a Corporate Event on a Charter Yacht in Sydney Harbour


In 2023, people expect more from corporate events. Standards are higher than ever, and the days of office functions and late lunches are over. Whether it's an employee engagement event, board meeting, Christmas party, or conference, the venue for your corporate event matters, and people expect to be blown away. 

If you're based in Sydney, or your company is planning an event in the city, you don't need to look any further than Sydney Harbour as a venue. With the idyllic seaside setting and world-class views of Sydney's most iconic landmarks, it's no surprise that many of the biggest companies in Australia choose charter yachts for their corporate events in Sydney Harbour.

In this article, we’ll explain why Sydney Harbour is the ideal venue for your next corporate event and provide advice on how to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. 

Why Charter a Yacht on Sydney Harbour for Your Corporate Event?

There is no better way to enjoy Sydney Harbour than on the harbour itself. It's hard to beat the calming sensation of cruising along the water, enjoying the magic of the scenes around you. Chartering a yacht for your corporate event removes all distractions and creates an environment where colleagues and clients feel inspired, valued, and relaxed.

why hire a yacht for a corporate event?


A Unique and Unforgettable Setting

Sydney Harbour provides a stunning backdrop for any corporate event. The combination of natural beauty and iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge will leave a lasting impression on every staff member, senior manager, and client in attendance. A private yacht charter takes your event to the next level, adding a layer of luxury and sophistication that separates your corporate event from a standard venue that people are used to.

Private and Exclusive Experience

There is nothing like being out on the water. A yacht charter offers a level of exclusivity and privacy that cannot be achieved anywhere else. We live in a busy and chaotic world, so gathering people together in a yacht, and getting out on the water, removes the distracting outside noise. Choosing a luxury yacht as a venue allows everyone to immerse themselves in the event and focus on the people around them.

A Versatile Venue for Any Corporate Event

A luxury-chartered yacht on Sydney Harbour provides the perfect venue for any corporate event. Whether it's a client meeting, product launch, industry conference, employee engagement event, or company-wide Christmas party, you can't go wrong with a trip on the harbour. 

One of the best things about a charter yacht corporate venue is the ability to combine a harbour cruise with post-charter activities. Companies will often enjoy a cruise down the harbour, anchor next to Sydney's bustling CBD, and transition the event into a waterfront venue.

Planning Your Corporate Event on a Chartered Yacht

We understand that organising a successful corporate event can be a stressful experience. Creating a memorable event that satisfies everyone takes a lot of cooperation and hard work. At Sydney Harbour Escapes, our event coordinators have extensive experience arranging corporate events, so we want to pass on our top tips to help you:

Select the Right Yacht for Your Event

The first decision to make is choosing the right yacht for your event. It's vital to consider the size of your group, the purpose of your event, and the demographic of the guests in attendance. Based on these key considerations, you can select a vessel that provides the perfect ambience and experience for everyone. At Sydney Harbour Escapes, we cater to groups as small as 5, and as large as 950, so whatever the size of your company, you can be sure of finding the perfect yacht to meet your needs.

Customise Your Event 

A chartered yacht allows you to tailor the experience to meet the needs of your guests. You can combine a harbour cruise with a party on the pier, incorporate team-building activities, decorate the venue with celebratory balloons and flowers, or display your company branding.

planning a sydney harbour corporate even

Event Logistics and Accessibility

It might not be the most exciting part of hosting a corporate event, but it is arguably the most important. Dialling in the logistics for your event is vital to ensure a seamless experience for everyone. As an event organiser, it’s essential to create a comprehensive timeline and itinerary to keep everything on track.

At Sydney Harbour Escapes, we are happy to look after all of this for you. From our years of industry experience, we can provide comprehensive guidance on boarding locations, timelines, activities, and even transport to and from the boat.

Communicating with Guests and Preparing Them for the Event

The most important part of your logistical plans is preparing your guests for the event and communicating the necessary details. To ensure a seamless experience for everyone, you need to have a detailed plan and only share the essential information with guests in the lead-up to the event.

The primary information guests need to know is time, location, and dress code. Refrain from bombarding your guests with too much information. Create excitement, build momentum, and blow them away from the moment they arrive.

Sydney Harbour Escapes: Your Partner for Unforgettable Corporate Events

A Sydney Harbour yacht charter offers an unparalleled experience for any corporate event. The stunning surroundings and sophisticated exclusivity make a luxury yacht the ideal venue for internal and external company events. From the moment you set sail, your guests will be mesmerised by the idyllic seaside conditions and the backdrop of Sydney's most iconic landmarks. Whether it's a company-wide celebration or a more intimate client meeting, the versatility of a yacht means you won't be disappointed.

Sydney Harbour Escapes is the go-to provider for Sydney boat charters, and we are committed to creating a corporate event perfectly tailored to your company's needs and expectations. If an event on the harbour sounds like something you would like to explore, contact our team, and together, we can create a special day or night that your guests will never forget.




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