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What do we love about Jerry Bailey?
She is a lovely multilevel catamaran that’s ideal for large groups, whether you are planning to celebrate a special day with your family and friends or an important event at your company.

• Ample space
There a wide range of layout options, making it an ideal vessel for events of up to 185 passengers. In the main lounge area inside, it is possible to create provide maximum floor capacity through various table arrangements and create large open spaces for a dance floor or group activities. This feature makes it perfect for weddings, corporate charters, team building workshops and more.

• If you are treating yourself to a nice big birthday party, a celebration at work or the launch of a new product, Jerry Bailey will provide many affordable options for catering at a really good value for money. In addition there is a licensed bar on board that will keep your guests entertained for hours.

• Double Deck
The upper deck area gives plenty of extra floor space for guests to walk around, up and down. This is a fantastic place to take in the views of Sydney Harbour and enjoy the sunsets over a chilled beverage. Downstairs, there is also a back area to escape from the party and soak up the sun or the magnificent view under the stars.

• Overall, Jerry Bailey is one of the best value options when it comes to large events that require multiple areas for entertainment, social gathering areas and floor space. In addition, she has all the catering expertise to ensure that your corporate charter, wedding ceremony or birthday party will be a memorable one for you and your guests.

• We really love her and we’re confident that you’ll end up loving her too. Contact us and our team of experts would be delighted to arrange with you a flawless event aboard Jerry Bailey!