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What do we love about this boat?  
Karisma has plenty of charisma! She is a Multilevel Luxury Motor Vessel that offers a wide range of features and layout options for large groups of up to 50 people.

• Spacious
She was designed as a houseboat and therefore provides open and wide spaces all around. She allows for 50 people upstairs and downstairs, which is not very common in boats within her category. Karisma also has large rooms, adding to its versatility in event options.

• Catering and events
This is the perfect vessel for large events. Wedding receptions and ceremonies work beautifully here, with lots of floor space, dancing area and a sophisticated lighting system to allow for customisation of brightness and colour tones. Her crew is extremely friendly and will go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met and expectations exceeded. The team provides tailored packages based on your requirements and will work closely with you to provide you a memorable experience.
In addition, she has a bar, Jacuzzi and great lounging spaces all around, making her a fabulous option for all sorts of corporate events, family gatherings, bucks and hen’s parties, weekend with friends, birthday parties, team building activities and more.  

• All the extras
Of course, being a large vessel as she is, Karisma is equipped with all the little extra additions that make a huge difference on the day of the event: Wi-Fi and iPod connectivity, microphone and PA system, powerful music and lighting system, air conditioning and more. She is also a lot of fun because you can swim off from her or go back inside and relax in the spacious on-board spa.

• All in all, we really love Karisma because she is able to cater to many preferences in different occasions and has everything you’ll need to make your event a very special one.